Loud MusicThree Bridges, Missing, and now Stolen Orchid by RJ Coons, Southwest Florida mysteries featuring Florida Ranger Blaine Sterling.

The Fourth Blaine Sterling Novel
Beyond the last nature trail at Osprey State Park, past the scrubby flatwoods and nestled along the tranquil waters of South Creek, a forest of ghost orchids stood untouched for years … until now.
The murder of Dr. Payne Waterhouse, a renowned botanist and volunteer at Osprey State Park, changed everything in the park by igniting a ground swell of controversy that set in motion a series of events that placed Ranger Blaine Sterling in the center of an unsolved murder and the impending destruction of the park’s orchid forest.
Assigned to support law enforcement and protect the reputation of the park, Sterling is placed in the cross-hairs of a dangerous plot involving gambling, blackmail, betrayal and misdirection. Not until a Plein Air painting from the Lake Osprey art show put the killer of Dr. Waterhouse into perspective did the investigation advance, throwing Ranger Sterling into a life-threatening encounter in the orchid forest. 
A knock on Park Manager Tony Clementree’s office door one morning changed the future of the orchid forest. Or did it? A donation of one hundred thousand dollars to preserve the orchid forest was offered. No strings attached except one condition joined to the donation. Could Tony Clementree honor that one requirement and hold on to the endowment? Only time would tell. 
The Third Blaine Sterling Novel

What happened to Daisy Clearing, a seventeen-year-old from Venice High School who purchased a round-trip ticket for Washington, D. C. to join the March on Washington, August 28, 1963?


Daisy packed her suitcase, said goodbye to her parents and younger sister, and then disappeared.


Law enforcement from Venice and Washington, D. C. scoured both cities, but to no avail. Posters of the missing teenager in a blue and white polka-dot dress were nailed to telephone poles up and down city streets. Daisy’s parents hired a private investigator, but he was unable to locate the teenager. One year later, without a single lead, the search for Daisy Clearing ended and was classified a cold case.


Fifty-four years later the skeleton of a teenage girl floated to the surface of South Creek at Osprey State Park, Florida. The body was identified as Daisy Jane Clearing of Venice, Florida.


Find out why Daisy Clearing’s body was found in Osprey State Park. That was the directive Ranger Blaine Sterling was handed from the Florida State Parks Department, an assignment that placed her in the center of a firestorm of controversy to protect the reputation of Osprey State Park.


Lies, threats, cover-ups and dead-ends greeted Blaine Sterling at every turn, until an old, weathered photograph put the murderer in perspective.





The Second Blaine Sterling Novel


For Park Ranger Blaine Sterling, an uninvited guest to her birthday party ignited troubling memories from the past and threatened to destroy the safety of her family. In one fluid motion, the Molotov cocktail sailed through the air and exploded inside the house. The bomber snapped a picture and e-mailed it three hundred miles away. Moments later, Blaine received a message: Happy Birthday, this is only the beginning. 


The arrival of a million dollar motor home to Osprey State Park created a media circus for all the park rangers and turned the park’s idyllic life upside down for days. In fact, the new visitors were not interested in the fishing or enjoying the unequaled beauty of the park. Instead, these nefarious interlopers were looking for a bigger catch, a prize that would send the art world spiraling out of control. 


Osprey Park’s All Trails Hike, a combination physical fitness hiking event and a Key West costumed promenade, was alive with excitement and evil. The abduction was sudden and violent and put Blaine Sterling’s ranger skills to the test. A lion, scarecrow and tin man come to the rescue, but an ancient secret within the cave is discovered that may put the treasured Scrub-jays in peril. Will Blaine’s resolution be enough to keep secret the mystery and protect the beloved birds?





The First Blaine Sterling Novel




For Park Ranger Blaine Sterling, after the brutal rape and subsequent acquittal of her attacker, the job opening at Osprey State Park in Southwest Florida offered a safe haven from memories of that horrific night and a chance to start anew.


Old memories die hard and Blaine Sterling’s sheltered and bucolic life was about to be turned upside down. The unlocked gate was the first indication of trouble, however Sterling and Detective Justin Beale continued to move deeper into the park’s old unused tract of land.


Floyd continued its path of destruction, barreled up the East Coast, and was predicted to slam into Long Island and batter the barrier island with 96 mph winds by nightfall.


The call from the mainland reached Park Ranger Blaine at eight o’clock in the morning instructing her to begin evacuation of Watch Hill, Fire Island; she immediately put in place the park service EEP system, the Emergency Evacuation Protocol. The National Weather Service forecasted Floyd to hit Fire Island that evening and as a precautionary measure, district office ordered all campers, boaters and day-trippers to vacate the island by five o’clock. Directed to remain on the island, Blaine was to close Watch Hill immediately and turn away all new visitors.